Tom Ford


Introducing the legendary Tom Ford Strain, this extremely rare Indica might be one of the strongest Indicas on this planet. Also known as TF, this strain is for the seasoned veteran as the high puts users into a deep state of relaxation. This strain is bordering on psychedelic properties, with extremely strong indica effects this strain can be used for insomnia, stress, pain, nausea to name a few. While the buds of this beautiful kush is a mix of deep purple and greens with light red fibres intertwining the bud. The trichomes that envelope this bud look just like the morning frost on your car windshield.  The taste of Tom Ford is predominantly earthy, with sweet undertones and a woody after taste. A very typical Indica taste and stoned feeling when toked.

The high will start with a euphoric feeling with intense cerebral sensations that will send you to the moon. Slowly, your body will start to melt into an indefinite couch lock, rendering you unable to move or do anything. The munchies will hit hard so make sure to have snacks at the ready, but eventually the Tom Ford Strain will send you into a deep deep relaxation and sleep.

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