Can I Bring My Dog In A Bag To Walmart?

Imagine you’re walking into your local Walmart, and you can’t help but wonder, “Can I bring my furry friend along with me?” Specifically, can you bring your dog in a bag to Walmart? It’s a question that has likely crossed the minds of many pet owners who need to run errands but don’t want to leave their four-legged companions at home. In this article, we’ll explore the policies and guidelines set by Walmart to shed light on whether your beloved pooch can accompany you on your shopping adventures.

Walmart’s Pet Policy


Walmart has a clear and straightforward pet policy to ensure the safety, convenience, and comfort of all customers. While they do not generally allow pets inside their stores, they do make exceptions for service animals. Understanding the details of Walmart’s pet policy can help you navigate your shopping experience with your furry friends.

Service Animals

Walmart understands the important role service animals play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. As such, they welcome service animals into their stores. Service animals are specially trained to assist individuals with disabilities and are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These animals provide essential support and are allowed in all areas of the store.


While pets are generally not allowed inside Walmart stores, the policy does make exceptions for small dogs that can be carried in bags. This unique option allows pet owners to bring their furry companions along while shopping. However, there are specific guidelines and requirements that must be followed to ensure the safety and comfort of both the pets and other customers.


Walmart’s pet policy makes an exception for small dogs that can be carried in bags. This unique allowance caters to pet owners who rely on their furry friends for emotional support or companionship. It recognizes the bond between pet and owner and strives to accommodate this relationship within their policy. However, it’s important to note that this exception only applies to small dogs and not to other pets or animals.

Carrying Your Dog in a Bag

Why People Do It

Many pet owners choose to carry their dogs in bags while shopping at Walmart for various reasons. Some dogs may be anxious or easily overwhelmed in crowded or unfamiliar environments. Carrying them in a bag provides a sense of security and familiarity, helping them feel calmer. Additionally, some owners simply enjoy having their furry friends close by during their shopping trips.

Safety and Comfort

Safety and comfort are of prime importance when carrying your dog in a bag at Walmart. The bags must be designed specifically for carrying pets, with sturdy construction and secure closures. These bags provide a safe and controlled environment for pets, minimizing the risk of them escaping, getting lost, or injuring themselves. Additionally, the bags should be well-ventilated and provide enough space for the dog to sit, lie down, and turn around comfortably.

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Bag Requirements

To comply with Walmart’s pet policy, there are specific requirements regarding the bags used to carry dogs. The bags must be designed for pets and have solid bottoms, ensuring stability when placed on shopping carts or other surfaces. They should also have proper ventilation to allow for adequate airflow. Additionally, the bags should be leak-proof and easy to clean, as accidents can happen. It’s essential to choose a bag that meets these requirements to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for you and your furry friend.

Service Dogs vs. Pet Dogs

Definition of a Service Dog

Understanding the distinction between service dogs and pet dogs is crucial when considering Walmart’s pet policy. Service dogs are highly trained to perform specific tasks or provide assistance to individuals with disabilities. They are protected by the ADA, and their presence in public spaces is legally mandated. On the other hand, pet dogs do not have the same level of training or legal protection and are subject to Walmart’s general pet policy.

Rights and Access

Service dogs have the right to accompany their handlers wherever they go, including Walmart stores. They are granted access to all areas of the store, which allows individuals with disabilities to enjoy the same shopping experience as everyone else. Walmart recognizes the importance of accommodating service dogs and upholds their rights as defined by the ADA.


While service dogs are not required to wear any specific form of identification, they are typically identifiable through the gear they wear, such as vests or harnesses. These visual cues help distinguish service dogs from pet dogs and enable store employees to readily identify them. However, it’s important to note that store employees cannot ask individuals with service dogs about their specific disability or request documentation proving the dog’s status as a service animal.

Understanding Walmart’s Policy

No Pets Allowed

Walmart’s general policy states that pets are not allowed inside their stores, with the exception of service animals and small dogs carried in bags. This policy is in place to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and comfort of all customers. While pets may bring joy and companionship, their presence in a retail environment can create challenges and potential risks, including allergies, disturbances, and hygiene issues.

Service Dog Accommodation

Walmart’s pet policy reflects their commitment to accommodating individuals with disabilities who rely on service animals. By allowing service dogs in all areas of the store, Walmart ensures equal access and a welcoming shopping experience for all customers. This accommodation is in accordance with the ADA regulations, which require businesses to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Difference for Carry Bags

The unique exception made by Walmart’s pet policy for small dogs carried in bags recognizes the importance of the human-animal bond. Unlike traditional pets, these small dogs provide emotional support or companionship to their owners. By allowing them in bags, Walmart acknowledges the benefits these animals bring while maintaining a controlled and safe shopping environment for all.

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Alternative Options for Shopping with Dogs

Pet-Friendly Stores

If bringing your dog into Walmart is not an option, several other retailers have pet-friendly policies. Many pet supply stores, such as Petco, welcome pets inside, allowing you to shop for all your pet’s needs while having your furry friend accompany you. Additionally, some home improvement stores, like Home Depot, allow well-behaved leashed dogs to enter their premises.

Online Shopping

Another alternative to shopping at Walmart with your dog is online shopping. This convenient and increasingly popular option allows you to browse and purchase products from the comfort of your own home. With a few clicks, you can have your pet supplies delivered right to your doorstep, without the need to worry about store policies or transportation logistics.

Curbside Pickup

For pet owners who prefer the convenience of in-store shopping without the hassle of bringing their dogs inside, curbside pickup provides an excellent solution. Many retailers, including Walmart, offer this option, allowing you to place your order online and have it ready for pickup at a designated time. This way, you can quickly and easily get the pet supplies you need without having to leave your car or worry about your dog’s presence inside the store.

Size and Behavior Considerations

Bag Size vs. Dog Size

When carrying your dog in a bag at Walmart, it’s essential to consider the size of both the bag and the dog. The bag should be large enough to comfortably accommodate the dog, allowing them to sit, lie down, and turn around without restriction. It’s crucial to choose a bag that matches your dog’s size to ensure their safety, comfort, and well-being throughout the shopping trip.

Dog’s Behavior in Public

Bringing your dog into Walmart requires responsible pet ownership and consideration for other customers. Your dog should be well-behaved, calm, and non-disruptive while in public places. Aggressive or poorly socialized dogs can create disturbances or pose risks to other customers and their pets. It’s crucial to assess your dog’s behavior and determine whether they are suitable for accompanying you on shopping trips.

Potential Disturbance

Even well-behaved dogs can sometimes become anxious or overwhelmed in busy retail environments. It’s essential to gauge your dog’s tolerance for crowds, noises, and unfamiliar surroundings. If your dog shows signs of distress or agitation, it may be best to leave them at home or explore alternative shopping options that are more suitable for their needs.

Local Laws and Regulations

Jurisdiction Variations

It’s important to note that local laws and regulations regarding pets may vary from one jurisdiction to another. While Walmart’s pet policy provides a general guideline, it’s always advisable to familiarize yourself with the specific regulations in your area. Local authorities may have additional requirements or restrictions concerning pets in public spaces, such as leash laws or breed-specific regulations.

Leash and Containment Laws

In many jurisdictions, dogs are required to be leashed or restrained while in public areas. This is to ensure the safety of both the dogs and other individuals. When bringing your dog to Walmart, it’s crucial to comply with these laws and have your dog appropriately leashed or restrained at all times. This prevents any potential accidents, disturbances, or conflicts with other customers or their pets.

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Service Dog Exemptions

Some local jurisdictions may have specific exemptions or additional requirements for service dogs. It’s essential to be aware of these regulations to ensure that you and your service dog are in compliance with the law. By understanding the local laws, you can confidently navigate the shopping experience with your service dog while having a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities.

Consequences of Violating the Policy

Manager Intervention

If you fail to comply with Walmart’s pet policy, store managers have the authority to intervene. They may approach you and politely ask you to remove your pet from the premises or adhere to the appropriate guidelines for carrying your dog in a bag. It’s important to respect their decision and comply with their instructions to avoid any further consequences.

Refusal of Service

In extreme cases where pet owners persistently violate Walmart’s pet policy, store management may refuse service. They have the right to deny entry or service to individuals who disregard the store policies. It’s important to remember that these policies are in place to maintain a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers, and adhering to them is fundamental to being a responsible pet owner.

Legal Actions

In rare circumstances, repeated or severe violations of Walmart’s pet policy may result in legal actions being taken against the pet owner. These legal actions can vary depending on local laws and regulations. It’s always advisable to be familiar with the consequences of violating pet policies to avoid any legal repercussions that may arise.

Policies at Other Retailers


Target, like Walmart, generally does not allow pets inside their stores. However, they make exceptions for service animals, following the same guidelines set by the ADA. As for carrying pet dogs in bags, Target’s policy may vary by location, so it’s essential to check with the specific store before attempting to bring your dog inside.

Home Depot

Home Depot is known for its pet-friendly policy. Well-behaved and leashed dogs are generally welcome, allowing pet owners to shop for their home improvement needs while having their loyal companions by their side. It’s important to note that restrictions or varying policies may apply depending on the specific location, so it’s best to confirm before visiting.


Petco, as a dedicated pet supply store, is known for its welcoming atmosphere for pets. They explicitly allow pets inside their stores, providing a fantastic shopping experience for both pet owners and their furry friends. Whether you’re looking to restock on pet food, browse through toys, or seek expert advice, Petco offers a pet-friendly environment to meet all your pet-related needs.


Respecting store policies, such as Walmart’s pet policy, is essential for maintaining a harmonious shopping experience for all customers. While Walmart generally does not allow pets inside their stores, they recognize the importance of accommodating service animals and cater to small dogs carried in bags, as exceptions to their policy.

Understanding the distinction between service dogs and pet dogs, along with their respective rights and access, is crucial when bringing your dog to Walmart. It’s important to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of your pet while being considerate of other customers and their shopping experience.

If bringing your dog to Walmart is not feasible, there are alternative options available. Pet-friendly stores, online shopping, and curbside pickup can provide convenient and suitable alternatives for your shopping needs.

Local laws and regulations regarding pets may vary, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific rules in your jurisdiction to avoid any legal issues or conflicts. Being a responsible pet owner means adhering to the regulations and respecting the rights of other individuals.

Ultimately, promoting responsible pet ownership while respecting store policies can result in a positive shopping experience for everyone involved. Remember, whether you’re shopping at Walmart or any other retailer, it’s important to find suitable alternatives and ensure the well-being of your furry companions.