What Is The Pet Policy For IKEA?

Have you ever wondered if you can bring your furry friend along for a shopping trip at IKEA? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re going to delve into the pet policy for this popular furniture retailer. Whether you have a dog, cat, or even a pocket-sized hamster, we’ll cover all the information you need to know about bringing your pet to IKEA. So, if you’re a pet parent looking to add some stylish furniture to your home while keeping your four-legged companion by your side, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about IKEA’s pet policy.

Pet Policy

IKEA understands that pets are an important part of many people’s lives and wants to ensure a positive shopping experience for everyone. To achieve this, the store has implemented a comprehensive pet policy that includes guidelines for service animals, restrictions on pets, and the availability of pet-friendly locations.

Service Animals

IKEA welcomes service animals in all of its stores. These animals are essential for individuals with disabilities, helping them navigate the store and providing necessary assistance. The store recognizes the importance of service animals and is committed to ensuring their accommodation and inclusion.

No Pets Allowed

While service animals are allowed, IKEA does not permit pets in its stores. This policy is in place to maintain a pleasant and safe environment for all customers. While it may be disappointing for pet owners, it ensures that allergies, fears, and disturbances are minimized. IKEA appreciates the understanding and cooperation of customers in adhering to this policy.

Pet-Friendly Locations

Recognizing that many customers enjoy shopping with their pets, IKEA has designated some of its locations as pet-friendly. These pet-friendly stores allow customers to bring their well-behaved, leashed or carried pets inside. This initiative provides an opportunity for pet owners to enjoy the shopping experience without leaving their furry friends behind.

Rules and Guidelines

To ensure the comfort and safety of all customers, IKEA has established several rules and guidelines regarding pets and service animals.

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Service Animal Requirements

To bring a service animal into an IKEA store, certain requirements must be met. The animal must be trained to perform a specific task or work directly related to the individual’s disability. It should be under control at all times and on a leash or harness. The animal should also be well-behaved and not pose a threat to other customers or employees.

Leashed or Carried Pets

In pet-friendly stores, pets must be leashed or carried throughout the entire shopping experience. This rule helps prevent any potential accidents or disruptions caused by unleashed animals. It is essential for pet owners to ensure their pets are under control and not bothering other customers or store merchandise.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial in pet-friendly stores. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and ensuring that they do not create a mess. IKEA provides designated pet care stations and dog waste bags to facilitate this process. These amenities make it easier for pet owners to clean up after their pets, promoting a clean and sanitary environment for all customers.

Furniture Testing

At IKEA, furniture testing is an essential part of the shopping experience. Customers are encouraged to try out furniture, sit on sofas, and test the durability of products. However, certain restrictions apply when it comes to pets.

No Pet Testing

To maintain the quality and functionality of its furniture, IKEA has a policy of not allowing pets to test or sit on furniture. Pets have different behaviors, such as scratching or marking territory, that could potentially damage the products. Therefore, to preserve the integrity of the furniture and ensure its longevity, pets are not allowed to test it out.

Durability Standards

IKEA prides itself on providing durable and long-lasting furniture. All products are designed and tested to withstand everyday use. Even though pets are not allowed to test the furniture, customers can rest assured that the products have undergone rigorous durability testing. This testing ensures that the furniture can withstand the wear and tear that comes with everyday life, including homes with pets.

Pet-Friendly Amenities

To cater to the needs of pet owners and their furry companions, IKEA offers a range of pet-friendly amenities in its stores.

Pet Care Stations

Pet care stations are conveniently located throughout pet-friendly IKEA stores. These stations provide a designated area for pet owners to address their pets’ needs. They are equipped with basic supplies such as waste bags, cleaning supplies, and disposable containers. Pet owners can take advantage of these stations to ensure their pets are comfortable and well-cared for during their shopping experience.

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Dog Waste Bags

IKEA understands the importance of cleanliness, especially when it comes to pets. Dog waste bags are available in pet-friendly stores to encourage pet owners to clean up after their pets promptly. These bags make it easy for owners to dispose of their pets’ waste responsibly and prevent any unsightly messes within the store premises.

Water Bowls

To keep pets hydrated and refreshed, IKEA provides water bowls in its pet-friendly locations. These bowls are strategically placed throughout the store, ensuring that pets have access to water when needed. This thoughtful amenity helps ensure the well-being and comfort of pets during their time in the store.

Customer Reactions

The pet policy at IKEA has generated a range of reactions from customers. While some controversies have arisen, there has also been a significant amount of positive feedback.


IKEA’s no-pet policy has been a subject of controversy among some pet owners. They argue that their pets are well-behaved and should be allowed in the store. However, IKEA’s priority is to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for all customers, including those who may have allergies or fear pets. The no-pet policy helps create a comfortable environment for all, even at the expense of disappointing some pet owners.

Positive Feedback

On the other hand, many customers appreciate IKEA’s pet-friendly locations and amenities. These customers enjoy the opportunity to bring their pets along while shopping, knowing that their furry friends are welcome and cared for. The availability of pet care stations, waste bags, and water bowls has been particularly praised for catering to the needs of pet owners and making the shopping experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Pet Adoption Programs

In addition to its pet policy, IKEA actively supports pet adoption programs and collaborates with shelters to promote responsible pet ownership.

Adoption Events

IKEA periodically hosts adoption events in collaboration with local shelters. These events provide an opportunity for potential pet owners to meet and adopt animals in need of a loving home. By partnering with shelters, IKEA promotes the importance of adopting rather than buying pets, reducing the number of animals in shelters and giving them a second chance at a happy life.

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Collaboration with Shelters

IKEA also collaborates with shelters to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership. This collaboration includes educational campaigns, resource sharing, and providing assistance to shelters in need. IKEA believes in the importance of giving back to the community and supporting efforts that benefit animals in need.

International Pet Policies

While IKEA maintains a consistent pet policy across its stores, there may be some variations due to country-specific regulations and local store policies.

Country-Specific Regulations

Each country has specific regulations regarding pets in public spaces, and IKEA ensures compliance with these regulations. This may result in slight variations in the pet policy depending on the country in which the store is located. Customers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the pet policy specific to their location before visiting an IKEA store.

Local Store Variations

In addition to country-specific regulations, there may also be variations in the pet policy at a local level. Some stores may have additional restrictions or guidelines based on the specific needs of the local community. It is advisable for customers to check with the specific store they plan to visit to ensure they are aware of any local variations in the pet policy.

Future Plans

IKEA has exciting plans for the future to further enhance its pet policy and cater to the needs of pet owners.

Expansion of Pet-Friendly Locations

IKEA aims to expand the number of pet-friendly locations to accommodate more pet owners. By designating additional stores as pet-friendly, IKEA hopes to provide more opportunities for customers to enjoy the shopping experience with their pets by their side. This expansion will enable more pet owners to avail themselves of the convenience and joy of shopping with their furry companions.

Enhancement of Amenities

IKEA is committed to continuously improving its pet-friendly amenities based on customer feedback and evolving needs. The company recognizes the importance of providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both pets and their owners. As such, IKEA plans to enhance its pet care stations, dog waste bag availability, and water bowl facilities to meet the changing expectations of pet owners.


IKEA’s comprehensive pet policy reflects its commitment to creating an inclusive and positive shopping experience for all customers, including those with service animals and well-behaved pets. The policy balances the needs of pet owners with the comfort and safety of all customers, ensuring that allergies, fears, and disturbances are minimized. With pet-friendly locations, reliable amenities, and support for pet adoption programs, IKEA has established itself as a pet-friendly retailer that recognizes the importance of pets in people’s lives. As IKEA looks toward the future, it will continue to expand its pet-friendly initiatives and enhance its amenities to provide an even better experience for pet owners and their furry companions in the years to come.