Can You Take Dogs In Target Reddit?

Welcome to the helpful guide on whether or not you can bring your furry friend along for a shopping trip to Target, as discussed by fellow Redditors. The topic of bringing dogs into retail stores can be a bit of a gray area, but the Reddit community has shared their experiences and advice on this matter. So, if you’ve ever wondered about Target’s pet policy, look no further for some insightful tips and anecdotes from other dog-loving shoppers on Reddit. Can You Take Dogs In Target Reddit?

Can you take dogs in Target reddit?

Accessing Target’s Pet Policy

Have you ever wondered whether you can bring your furry friend along for your shopping trip to Target? Let’s dive into the official pet policy at Target to see if dogs are allowed in their stores.

Reviewing Target’s Official Pet Policy

Before making plans to bring your dog to Target, it’s important to review the official pet policy outlined by the company. Target’s official stance on pets in their stores is that only service animals are allowed. This means that unfortunately, regular household pets are not permitted inside Target locations.

Alternatives for Bringing Your Dog to Target

While Target’s pet policy may be disappointing for some dog owners, there are still alternative options for including your furry companion in your shopping experience.

Using Pet Carriers or Strollers

If you’re looking to bring your small dog along for a shopping trip, consider using a pet carrier or a pet stroller. This allows you to keep your dog close to you while still adhering to Target’s pet policy. Make sure to properly secure your pet in the carrier or stroller to ensure their safety and comfort.

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Shopping Online with Your Dog

Another alternative to bringing your dog to Target in person is to shop online. This way, you can stay in the comfort of your own home with your furry friend while still getting all the items you need from Target. Target’s online website offers a wide range of products available for purchase, making it convenient for dog owners to shop without leaving their pets at home.

Making the Most of Your Shopping Trip with Your Dog

Even though you may not be able to physically bring your dog into Target, there are still ways to make the most of your shopping trip while ensuring your pet’s needs are met.

Creating a Shopping List

Before heading out to Target, take some time to create a shopping list of all the items you need to purchase. This will help you stay focused during your trip and minimize the time spent away from your dog. By being organized, you can efficiently navigate the store and find everything you need in a timely manner.

Setting Up a Comfortable Area for Your Dog at Home

If you’re going to be away from your dog while you make your Target run, make sure to set up a comfortable area for them at home. Provide your dog with their favorite toys, blankets, and treats to keep them entertained and relaxed while you’re out. Additionally, consider leaving the TV or radio on to provide background noise that can help soothe your dog’s anxiety.

Connecting with Other Dog Owners on Reddit

If you’re still feeling disappointed about not being able to bring your dog to Target, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many dog owners share your sentiments and have found ways to cope with Target’s pet policy.

Joining Dog-Friendly Communities on Reddit

One way to connect with other dog owners and share your experiences is by joining dog-friendly communities on Reddit. These online forums provide a platform for dog owners to discuss various topics related to pet ownership, including navigating store pet policies. By joining these communities, you can find support, advice, and even alternative shopping options for dog-friendly stores in your area.

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Sharing Stories and Tips with Fellow Dog Owners

If you’re looking to share your own experiences and tips for shopping with your dog, consider posting on Reddit forums dedicated to pet owners. Share your strategies for keeping your dog comfortable at home or exchange recommendations for pet carriers and strollers. By engaging with other dog owners, you can build a network of support and camaraderie in navigating pet policies at different stores.


While it may be disappointing that dogs are not allowed in Target stores, there are still ways to include your furry friend in your shopping experience. By reviewing Target’s official pet policy, exploring alternative options, and connecting with other dog owners on Reddit, you can make the most of your shopping trips while ensuring your pet’s needs are met. Remember to stay informed, be prepared, and seek support from fellow dog owners as you navigate through the world of pet-friendly shopping. Who knows, with enough community support, Target may reconsider their pet policy in the future!